South Miami Sprinkler Repair

Looking for a sprinkler repair company in South Miami? Greenstar Irrigation is a licensed and insured irrigation service company servicing South Miami and surrounding areas. Our professional technicians are highly trained to quickly diagnose and repair common sprinkler problems, as well as the occasional head-scratcher that comes our way.

Can't take off work to discuss sprinkler repairs? No problem. With your permission, we can visit your property while you are at work and diagnose your existing sprinkler problems, then call you with the results. You can even preapprove a repair budget to get your sprinkler system operational again. Just make sure to secure any pets before we get there.

In such a rich cultural community like South Miami, residents plant a variety of lush vegetation. This diverse tropical foliage also has diverse watering needs. Standard sprinkler settings may not be enough to nourish these various plant pals. Also, negotiating the stringent watering guidelines set forth by Miami-Dade County may leave your foliage thirsting for more. Greenstar can assess your watering needs and set up a watering schedule and system that satisfies both Miami-Dade watering restrictions and your thirsty foliage.

But first things first...we need to address any existing issues with your current sprinkler system in order for it to run at optimum efficiency. In order to do this, we offer a 7-point sprinkler tune-up to diagnose any issues with your existing sprinkler system and offer formidable solutions to help your foliage get back on track. Some common issues we can remedy include:

  • Is your water bill abnormally high?
  • Do brown patches appear in your yard, especially during the hottest summer months?
  • Are you watering driveways, sidewalks, or decking?
  • Do you have broken heads on your sprinklers, or do they not pop up at all?
  • Do some parts of your sprinkler cycle have low or no pressure?
  • Do you need to reroute sprinkler lines around a new pool or deck?

Greenstar Irrigation offers a full range of repairs, replacements, and new installations. We keep up with the latest technology to always offer you the best solution available for your irrigation needs. Keep your watering system at peak performance by regular maintenance with Greenstar Irrigation, starting at $49.95, available year-round. We can get your sprinkler system working at optimum levels, saving money on your water bill immediately!

Celebrating 35+ Years of Service in South Florida

What Our Clients Are Saying ...

"We first used Greenstar last year for a leaking pipe in our sprinkler system. We called them on a Friday mid day and they came late in the afternoon and stayed until they fix the problem.......When we needed a new sprinkler system this year, we called Greenstar to do the work. They were punctual, professional, did excellent work and were worth every penny."

"Peter gave our system a complete review and pointed out where we were losing water, where we had overspray, where the lines had sunk too low and were not reaching as far as they should be, etc . The repair work was professionally and neatly done, on-time, as scheduled."

"Peter M of Greenstar landscaping and irrigation took care of our sprinkler system a couple of weeks ago. His service was outstanding. We had several broken sprinkler heads, water deprived areas of our lawn and garden and other maintenance issues. Peter responded quickly to my call, within several hours by coming to our property, spending time looking everything over and giving me a verbal quote for the work. I felt very comfortable with Peter and his team of workers. They were very professional."

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